What does ICT infrastructure mean for Hemera?

The word ICT infrastructure describes the total collection of automation resources and the coherence of these resources in your organisation. This term includes all internal networks, but also the external connections, for a.o. Internet, telephony, VPN connections or other communication lines. The purpose of this infrastructure within your organization is to convey information and data.

An ICT infrastructure consists not only of a range of hardware components. It is a comprehensive whole within your organisation, with the aim of transferring information and data. This means that you and your employees are also part of this infrastructure within your organization. People are therefore the most important link in providing the information in an ICT system.

Appointments and procedures created within your organization are also part of the infrastructure. The highest priority is the security and backup procedures for the information. But also procedures at the level of agreements on outgoing correspondence, Netiquette or dealing with the Internet.

In summary, we can say that an ICT infrastructure consists mainly of:

  • People
  • Procedures
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Security
  • Connections (Internet, telephony)

Thirty years experience

Who is the face behind Hemera? Meet ICT expert Willy Olbrechts, with over thirty years in the profession and crazy about hardware and software. He offers every company a complete package of services: advice, administration and training, including fast intervention when problems arise.

Personal contact

Hemera’s work starts with your story. Therefore personal contact is very important. Which tools do you have at your disposal? What are the issues you find a challenge? How could new ICT tools make your work easier and faster? Hemera think along with you and make a realistic ICT plan-of-action within your budget.

Service level agreement

A strong partnership starts with strong agreements. That’s why the details of Hemera’s commitment to you are captured in a service level agreement. Within this agreement are the guarantees specified, about confidentiality of your data, urgent intervention and preventive tasks. This way, you’ll never be taken by surprise.