No own IT department? We are happy to help you.

Work out where the flaws in your ICT system are

How do you share files with colleagues? Is your anti-virus program up to date? When was the last time you did a backup of your files and is it still reliable? Hemera lists your current ICT processes, computers, printers and filing systems, and delivers a short and long term ICT investment plan in order to achieve optimization.

Find hardware & software to meet your needs

Searching for a computer, software or server? Hemera will find exactly what you’re looking for and will manage and maintain all your ICT applications. Got a problem? Hemera will fix it as quickly as possible.

Receive individual training on your ICT

Hemera are delighted to share their knowledge. You’ll be provided with intensive training on your company’s hardware and software, so you’ll know exactly how things are on the ICT side of your business and how to find fast and easy solutions.

Is your company in need of a helping ICT-hand? Contact Hemera.