ICT advice

ICT is an important element of your company. You save crucial information on servers and computers, and you can count on Hemera to help you protect that data. You’ll receive an overview of all your ICT devices and processes and a report on the missing links. That way, you know exactly what your ICT infrastructure contains and how it can be improved. Do you wish to access your e-mails, files, contacts and calendar from anywhere? Hemera will guide you in your transition to the cloud. A thorough risk analysis will be carried out first.


NAS, SAN, switch… Is information technology a mystery to you? Hemera will enlighten you. Willy Olbrechts offers you the best solutions with regard to purchases, installations, management and maintenance of your IT infrastructure and cloud solutions. We only consider offering top brand hardware, because only the best is good enough for your company.

Should a problem occur, for instance a slow computer or server unavailable, Hemera will be on stand-by. A quick, remote problem analysis and intervention are key to Hemera’s services. Therefore permanent and discrete monitoring is required and preventive action taken.


When you work with Hemera, you’ll appoint a contact person from within your organization. That way, you’ll keep a record of all actions and intervention. This point of contact will receive regular practical training, about working with the cloud, Microsoft Office and Windows, for example. The result? Your employees will work more efficiently with IT tools and will learn to fix minor issues themselves.