Spontaneous Customer Support

With Remote Assistance, Hemera has a fast and direct solution for its customers to offer support. By simply serving the client’s computer remotely as if a Hemera employee is on the spot. With the customer module, TeamViewer Quick Support, the customer is ready to connect to Hemera within seconds without having to install any software.

Helpdesk of Hemera

For a better service for questions or problems, Hemera has a helpdesk portal. On this site customers can find information, record questions and problems and then follow up.

The helpdesk portal can be reached at, Here the customer receives an overview of his tickets and their status after registration.

Next to this overview and follow-up you can create and manage new tickets. The management means that one can anticipate a ticket by giving comments, extra info and adjusting the status of a ticket. If the problem is resolved, you can close or reopen a ticket if the problem is not resolved.

A knowledge base is provided at the helpdesk, in this section the customer can find articles, tips and tricks that are generally or specifically applicable to his organization.

Access to the Helpdesk is only for registered users, an email to creates a new ticket but does not grant access. Once a ticket is registered, a helpdesk employee will deal with it.

An internal system administrator will get a complete overview of all tickets and their status.
Through a search function you can quickly find specific information, which makes the ticket system a knowledge base for the administrator.

You can always reach Hemera Consulting for free advice by phone +32 11 71 11 17 or by email and via our contact form.